Bolte Gulab

In our endeavor to develop a brand name DevBhoomi Nursery is always incorporating innovations into the products for providing best quality and state of art gifting and expressing ideas to our customers. In this regards we have come up with the best concept with affiliation from Speaking Roses to print personalize images or messages on the flowers, bouquets, petals, edibles or any other item.

This patented concept will help you create personalizing logos, photographs, and messages without harming or shortening the life of the flower. This enables us to create a unique, one of a kind gift that promises memories forever and brings joy not only to the receiver but also to the giver of the gift. The best part is only we at DevBhoomi Nursery has been authorization by ‘Floral Expression by Ruchi’ to produce this concept in the Dehradun Area. All the images below are taken from ‘speaking roses’ website.

To personalize your design please call us at 8860609887 and we will deliver your order at your door step. You can also visit our ‘Contact’ tab in the website for complete address.


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