Our Story

We opened our nursery with the help of a small group of highly professional and experienced gardners on the vaishaki of year 2012. We took just 45 days to prepare and then opened the doors for the customers of nearby places of beautiful Dehradun. It was a whirlwind and it wasn’t perfect but people in the neighborhood were excited and glad to have green ecofriendly products at their doorstep. We have learnt from challenges and created state of art processes to maintain the quality of our products. Being a nature friendly team we continuously worked towards producing great seedlings and providing continuous support to our customers in their gardening needs.

Being a 4 years old nursery we have devloped a brand name and produced amazing selection of smaller trees, beautiful decorative plants, healthy fruits and vegitable plants, along with the attractive flowers of all types. We provide best in class seedlings to the other nearby nurseries as well. We have 2 Master Gardeners and 1 Certified Professional Horticulturists to assist you with all your gardening queries. We have several designers that can help you create fabulous containers or full gardens.

We believe in practicing sustainable gardening. We offer organic soils, composts, fertilizers, remedies, and many gardening accessories at one stop.

Come visit us! We are Dev-Bhoomi Nursery, situated in the Nehrugram Dehradun.

What Our Customer Says : 

I love this place. Wonderful plants. Wonderful personnel!!
Manisha Kukreti
The gardener is very qualified and suggest plants according to the climate or weather. This is one stop for all the needs such as plants and pots.
Vibhor Dimri
Dev-bhoomi nursery is one of its kind and provide very good quality. They supply seedlings for my nursery and their delivery time is exceptional. Highly trusted and reputed.
Mahesh Thapa
Great service, superior selection and plant quality. Excellent garden accessories and they are very economic too!
Pooja Aggarwal

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