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Green Beans

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Germination Rate: 85.00%
Type of seed : Heirloom
Sunlight : Full
Life-cycle : Annual


Product Description

Beans Long Green will grow in a climbing vine and require a trellis or staking.
Do not start seeds indoors; they may not survive transplanting.
Cover soil to warm if necessary.
Rotate crops each year.
Mulch soil to retain moisture; make sure that it is well-drained.
Water regularly, from start of pod to set. Water on sunny days so foliage will not remain soaked.
Beans require normal soil fertility. Only fertilize where levels are low. Begin after heavy bloom and set of pods.
Beans are picked at an immature stage, when the seeds inside have not yet fully developed.
Look for firm, sizable pods and snap or cut off the plant. Do not tear the plant.
Store beans in a moisture-proof, airtight container in the refrigerator. Beans will toughen over time even when stored properly.
Germination Rate : Min 70%


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