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Health benefits:
*Boost Vision
*Lower Blood Pressure.
*Helps in proper function of Heart.
*Improves in proper functioning of immune system

In a cup or a container with holes for drainage, loosely pack some potting soil. Plant 2-4 pumpkin seeds 1 cm deep in the soil. Water the pumpkin seeds just enough so that the soil is moist but not swamped. Water regularly just to make soil wet. Once seeds have germinated, thin out all but the strongest seedling. Then place the seeding and cup under a light source (bright window or fluorescent light bulb).
Move the pumpkin seedling to the garden. Carefully remove the pumpkin seedling from the cup. Do not disturb the roots of the plant. Place in a hole that is 1-2 inches deeper and wider than the rootball of the pumpkin plant and backfill the hole. Tap down around the pumpkin seedling and water thoroughly.
Pumpkin growing can be rewarding and fun. Take some time this your to plant pumpkin seeds in your garden.


Product Description

Scientific name: Cucurbita maxima
Type of seed:Hybrid
Sunlight:Full Sun
Germination rate:Min.70%
Quantity: 25 Seeds
Variety: Chakor


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